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Who We Are

Strategic Advisory Services, LLC (SAS) is a team of ten seasoned Wealth Advisors with over 300 years of combined experience navigating markets in different economic environments. SAS has partnered with the industry leading Broker/Dealer, LPL Financial, to provide our clients and advisors the breadth of products and flexibility needed to meet their investments needs. LPL’s Broker Dealer and Custodian Services give us the freedom to work with our clients in a traditional transactional relationship or through Strategic Advisory Services’ preferred method of fiduciary fee- based compensation. In addition to the ten Wealth Advisors, SAS has three Series 7 FINRA regulated brokers that have a combined 100 years of experience.

Your Future is Our Goal

The Strategic Advisory Services professionals are proud of their personal relationship with their clients. We have joined together in partnership with LPL Financial to provide economical comprehensive resources for our clients. These resources give us access to the best minds and investments in the financial industry allowing us to help our clients navigate the ever-changing economic environment. Helping you build a solid financial future.

Our Mission is to Provide...

the essential coaching and guidance to our clients to accomplish the things in life that are truly important to them. We will provide this guidance with integrity, honesty and, above all else, great personal care to your family’s economic needs. The true benefit to our clients is found in the confidence they have when they pursue their personal, professional, and financial goals. Your Life, Your Plan, Your Legacy!!!

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SEC Registered

Strategic Advisory Services, LLC is an SEC registered investment advisory firm bound by the fiduciary duty to act in SAS’s client’s best interests. As a registered independent advisor, we serve as a fiduciary, a legal standard by which we must employ the highest standard of care when it comes to advising you.

Hybrid RIA Relationship

Utilizing LPL’s hybrid RIA relationship, SAS advisors have the flexibility to serve their clients with a cost-effective platform for their client’s portfolio, either advisory or brokerage products. SAS advisors also have the freedom to engage other custodians for advisory business.